At PheeNix Boutique, we pride ourselves on being a low-to-no waste business by carrying low-to-no stock. We create your order just for you. By doing this, we can keep excess items out of the landfill and oceans.
We design everything in house! From graphics to patterns, branding and tags, all of the design work is done in house, by PheeNix, or another independent artist. We work with only the best production partners. Once you make a purchase, our partner then creates/prints, cuts, sews, or hand assembles each and every piece! Your order may take a little longer than other services, but by using this model we are able to ensure high quality products and reduce production waste.
As a result of local production in 30 markets and reduced transportation distances we are able to reduce carbon emissions on each and every order.
We only choose production partners who commit to responsibly sourcing and using sustainable materials.
All products are produced in accordance with international and national product safety regulations.
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